Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long Time No Write :)

So once again it has been ages since I have posted anything. Being on the computer all the time you would think I would actually keep up with my blog. I will have to start doing better from here on out. Well a good amount of things have happened recently. Our poor Honda had to be sold for scrap, poor thing was only running on three cylinders and it had an oil leak problem. It was a 95 and the body was in pretty sad shape and she had no A/C. Well here in good ole Tucson it gets pretty hot so no A/C was not fun. We had no idea what we were going to do because we had no money to buy a new car. Then our church graciously gave us money to buy a car, and so did my grandparents. So I had to call my family to see if they could look online for me since our internet was not working  at the time. The vehicles around here are pretty pricey so we started looking in El Paso because Josiah's parents live really close to El Paso and we knew the prices were cheaper. So after a few headaches and miscommunications about how we were getting to his parents house we just rented a car. So we got there late Saturday July 16th. We relaxed Sunday because we didn't think anything would be open and then Monday we were on the hunt. It was a very tiring hunt and it seemed to be going nowhere. Wouldn't you know we found our pretty jeep in the last place we looked. It was the first one my aunt found online in El Paso, but we thought they moved. So we went to there new location first to find nothing. Then we went to look at another place and saw they hadn't fully moved yet. So we are the sorta new owners (since it has been almost a month) of a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. She is white and pretty. So we drove it back home and here you have to have your cars emissions tested as well as inspected (thankfully they do it all pretty quick at one place) . Well our jeep failed and we didn't understand. I was so upset because we had gone through enough just getting the car. We went to the same car place we took the Honda and after waiting for a couple days (we were still able to drive the jeep during this time) it was fixed and thankfully it was something easy and cheap. So we got it all legal, and the engine light came on again. But it is something easy this time too. Just the gas cap. We still haven't replaced it yet but at least we know it is nothing serious. So now we have a good car with A/C and room for more than one car seat. Which will be needed since we just found out on Saturday August 6th we are expecting baby number two. We are very excited and can't wait to see how Haddie reacts to a new baby brother or sister.

In Josiah news he has been having stomach problems off and on for a while now. First it was an infection in his stomach so he took the meds and they made him even more sick. After a while he seemed to finally start feeling better. Then a few weeks ago he was starting to feel poorly again so he made another appointment with the doctor. Unfortunately since Josiah had been taking acid reducing medicine they cannot preform the same breathing test to see if the infection is back. So he is going to see a specialist in gastroenterology. He has to have an endoscopy and a biopsy. They want to check for the infection and also see if there are any ulcers. So he has an appointment on Tuesday the 16th but we aren't sure if it is for the procedure or a consultation. He called to ask but he just got a message for him to leave a message. So hopefully we can get more info by Monday. On a better note things actually seem to be heading in the right direction with his internship. He is registered back in school and we filled out the FAFSA. He just has to fix a couple things in his learning agreement and it should all get started soon. He is going to be taking over the youth group for a while at our church and we will hopefully be going back to the reservation once a month. So things are good there and hopefully he will have his BS soon!

In Haddie news she is growing like a weed. She turned 15 months today! She says Meme and has said Papa a few times. She says baby and hi and buh bye or just bye. We just got her the first volume of your baby can read so we are excited to start that with her. She isn't walking on her own yet. She is being very stubborn on that front for some reason. If she holds onto something or if you hold her hand she is more than fine. She has taken a few steps on her own but it has been at least a couple weeks since she has tried. She has a doctor's appointment on Monday so we will see. Last time we were there she said not to worry until 18 months so I pray she is walking by then. Well I think that is about everything. I will hopefully remember to update on Monday or Tuesday after both Haddie and Daddy's appointments.

It's a little blurry but there is our Sweet Pea :)
I tried to put a pic of the jeep up but it didn't work sorry :(

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laundry Time..

So I just had to share about my fabric softener. First I made my own dryer sheets but they did not work very well at all. I had to use like 5 for a large load. They are just pieces of fabric that I can reuse but it just wasn't working as well as I would have liked. So I went to re-search for the liquid softener recipe Josiah found a while back. I found it..well at least one with the same ingredients but I think it was a different site. But the point of the matter is that it is amazing! All it is, is baking soda, water and vinegar. I just use it like regular liquid softener in my downy ball. I have barely had any static and my clothes and towel are very soft.
                                                                  The Recipe
Baking Soda Distilled White Vinegar Water Essential Oil (optional) Large Bucket/ Container
A large Stick Instructions
First of all, you need to get a large bucket or container, which is enough to hold at least one gallon of liquid. Put 1 cup baking soda in your bucket or container. Thereafter, add 1 cup of water to it. Mix it well. Next, you need to pour in 6 cups of distilled white vinegar to the water-baking soda mixture. Make sure that you pour the vinegar very slowly, into the mixture. You will notice fizz forming in the bucket/ container, because of vinegar reacting with baking soda. Let the mixture fizz for a few minutes. Add 6 cups of water to the mixture. With this, the fizzing process will come to an end. With help of a large stick, mix the ingredients properly. Next, add 10-15 drops of pure essential oil. It will help give the fabric softener a pleasant scent. Mix the ingredients again, with the help of the large stick. Your fabric softener is ready! All you need to do is put it in a clean container of your choice and store properly.

I encourage everyone to use this it is so inexpensive and works so well. I did not put any sent in mine but that was only because I couldn't find my essential oil at the time. But either way it is great! I also just store mine in an empty gallon jug :) Another plus is that one website said this can actually help towels become more absorbant which also works well for the cloth diapering. For the diapers I use you are not suppose to use fabric softener and all kinds of other things but this is working just fine for the cloth inserts so far! Another side note I did not use a big stick I used a wooden spoon. Well actually Josiah made it lol :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here Comes the Flood..

Okay so it has been FOREVER since I have posted anything on here. Well since my last post we have gotten in an accident in which we lost our amazing red Jeep. Then we had to get the blue Honda fixed which was an ordeal for the poor people who had to fix it. There were pack rat nests in it and it had to be handled in a special way because the pack rats carry a virus that I have never heard of. But the dirty little blighters chewed pretty much all of the wiring in our car. So all of that has been taken care of thankfully. But now I am scared to drive anywhere, and now I freak out all the time because I think we are going to get into another accident pretty much every minute we are on the road. Our accident had a total of 4 cars. We were at a light waiting to turn left when a big truck that was coming towards us on our left (which was a turning lane on that road) jumped the curb because they tried to take the turn too fast. The truck slammed into us pulling us back a few feet which made us hit another car with our back end (they were able to drive away) then the truck who was now in on coming traffic hit another car head on. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and the women did apologize. I am just still very shaken up by this. Thankfully Haddie was in the middle of the car and the door was only dented in on the exterior so she was okay but we did get her a new car seat. So we still use the road often and I get scared pretty much every time we go near the intersection, but hopefully that will fade. This all happened right before Thanksgiving. So Josiah's parents  drove all the way here with all the food and everything which was a blessing. Christmas was nice to. I was able to Skype with my family and Josiah's parents came up again and we had a nice time with them. Now we are going to Maine on Tuesday to have Christmas with the rest of my family. So prayers for safe travels will be greatly appreciated :) When we come back Josiah should be starting his internship which is GREAT! Well I love you all and Goodnight!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So things are starting to come together for Josiah's internship. So pray, pray, pray everything goes through. He would start in January and it would end in July. It is perfect because it is with our church. So we are pretty excited that the only think holding Josiah back from his degree is about to be accomplished!
In other news we are going to Maine in Jan :)  to spend christmas with my family! Well sorta Christmas since it is Jan lol. Super excited and of course they are as well. Especially to see our little bundle of joy, who unfortunately isn't so little anymore. Well that is all for now love you all :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Halloween

So Josiah and I decided that we do not much care for Halloween. Too much creepy stuff and people dressing way too inappropriately. But I do want to dress Haddie up cuz well I do. We wanted her to be a mouse but we were not able to find everything we wanted. So I think I am going to dress her up as a cat. Maybe an angel not sure yet. I am basing it on whichever is easier. I know I seem to be contradicting myself by saying I don't care for Halloween then saying I want to dress Haddie up. The thing is we don't mind the fall decorations and things like that but we don't like all the creepy things that come along with Halloween. We are fine with dressing up long as it is appropriate and everything. When Haddie gets older I hope there will be a church near by that will be doing something so we can take her there and maybe around our little neighborhood if they even do anything around here. I think I have only seen one kid outside so far still in the age range for trick or treating. Well I just hope no one tries anything funny tomorrow. That is always my worst fear this time of year but this seems to be a very good neighborhood so I don't for see any problems. Well off to make Haddie some kitty ears :) I will try to remember to post pics tomorrow :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cleaning Schedule

After three years of marriage I finally made a schedule for cleaning. I am pretty sure my husband has been telling me I should do this for the whole three years or at least most of it. Not in a mean way or anything just in a this would be helpful to you kinda way. See I have this thing in my head that I have to do all the cleaning in one night then I am so burnt out that I don't want to clean for a year. Okay a year is a little exaggerated but you get my point. It is an ugly cycle which leaves my house in a usual mess. This of course drives me insane but that is going to change. I have my schedule to go by and things will be much easier. Thankfully all the dishes are done and there is only one load of laundry in the basket well it isn't even a full load yet so there is no point in wasting water on a small load when my husband is going to come home with his sweaty work clothes that need to be done by tomorrow afternoon. I feel good though the dishes are done pretty much all the laundry is done like I said above the stove is cleaned off to :) Now the cast iron pan is in the over I am trying to re-season it. Oh and I almost forgot the bed is even made with clean sheets. Not that clean sheets are a problem we try to wash the sheets every week. But I don't usually have the bed made. Although my Meme told me that she read in a magazine that it is better to not make your bed everday because dust mites I think it is can't live in cold environment or something like that. Okay well I don't remember what it was exactly but I know it is actually better to not always make your bed. Well I think I am going to go read and hopefully go to bed very soon :) Night All!
 Here is my schedule:
Weekly Cleaning Schedule
Sunday       Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday      Friday         SaturdayOf f            Laundry       Laundry        Laundry          Laundry      Laundry       Laundry                   Dishes         Dishes            Dishes          Dishes         Dishes         Dishes                 Sweep K                       Sweep L&D                    Sweep B&B

 This is what I have so far :)
                                     Mop K                             Mop L&D                      Mop B&B                     ....................................Clean off counter tops...................................

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starting to Feel More like Home

Josiah and I did some yard work the other day. There is still more to be done. We want to cut down a dead branch from a tree but we need to ask permission first. If that is approved we are going to plant a butterfly garden. I am very excited about this. We got the seeds yesterday so I can't wait til the ground is ready for us to plant them :) We have signed a lease for our house so that makes me feel more comfortable to truly unpack everything. There are still three or so boxes that need to be unpacked I was just kinda scared to get it done. I had it in my head that if I unpacked everything and made this house "my own" that someone would come and buy it and we would be out of luck. But we have a lease so that makes me feel much more secure. The house is still for sale and Josiah and I would love more than anything to buy it. Not in the cards yet though it is too much money for our budget, but hopefully one day it will be doable ( ya no idea if this is even considered a word but it gets used lol) :) Well I am going to go check on my little one. It seems like she fell asleep faster than normal which is good though, but I am going to go make sure that she is actually asleep. Plus I always check in on her anyway. She just looks so cute when she sleeps :)